Membership Cards

Standard Card

Daily spending reached


Accumulative spending reached within 2 current calendar months


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Privileges Upon Card Activation
Shopping points redeemed for Times Café limited product
Shopping points redeemed for parking fee
Shopping points redeemed for car-washing service(Designated Service)
Shopping points redeemed for leatherware maintenance(Designated Product)
Shopping points redeemed for exquisite gift
  • Continuation (extend for one year):
    Any spending within current calendar year.
  • Upgrade:
    Upgrade to Silver Card:
    1. Daily spending reached RMB15,000
  • Downgrade:
    No spending in one calendar year, the membership card will be frozen and all shopping points in it will be cleared off during VIP points clearance day.
  • The valid period of new membership is: from the date of new membership activation to the end of the next year; The valid period of old membership is one calendar year; If any member has a spending within one calendar year, the valid period of his/her membership will be extended for another year.
  • Change of the membership status: in the next day after the one-year valid period of both continued and downgraded members; The former membership status for upgraded member shall become invalid immediately on the date when the upgrade takes effect.

Shopping points accumulation and exchange

Please carefully read the following clauses and details. Once you apply for the membership of Dalian Times Square, it shall mean that you've accepted the following clauses or restrictions.

  1. Any member of Dalian Times Square is entitled to the shopping points upon purchase at any shop in the shopping mall(except for the Times Café) and one RMB spending equals one shopping point.

  2. All shopping points can be exchanged for gift, but shall not be transferred to others or used for other commercial purpose.

  3. When applying for shopping point registration, all members shall bring their shopping cards and shopping receipts of that day(hand-written receipt or photocopy won't be accepted) to the concierge. If your purchase is made through bank card payment, Dalian Times Square is entitled to ask producing the swiping consumption record of your credit card or bank card as a proof of shopping point registration; If you pay in cash or other forms, Dalian Times Square is entitled to check relevant record at the shop of your purchase.

  4. If you wish to claim a refund through returning goods, you should return the gift awarded through purchase and have you shopping points deducted at the concierge, before claiming for refund at the store.

  5. Once your shopping points are deducted or exchanged for gifts, they are irretrievable, nor any gift can be used for exchange for cash.

  6. The gifts are in limited number for your shopping point exchange and if we run out of the exchange gifts, we are entitled to substitute with other gifts of the same value, without advanced notice.

  7. The unused shopping points in your card will be cleared off on a yearly basis, with all unused shopping points of previous year being automatically cleared off in each April. Any unused amount of shopping points that exceeds RMB20,000 can be automatically exchanged for gifts during the clearing-off and any unused amount below RMB20,000 may be exchanged into parking fee(you may consult the conceirge for details).

Business Hours: 10:00am-9:00pm

Gold card hotline: (86) 411-39857997

Service hotline: (86) 411-39857999

  • All membership entitlements are subject to the promotional event clauses and implementation rules

  • Dalian Times Square is entitled to revise any clause and implementation rule as mentioned above without advance notice

  • Dalian Times Square is entitled to suspend any membership card and entitlements without advance notice

  • Any dispute arising therefrom shall be determined by Dalian Times Square

  • Please keep your shopping card properly and if your card is lost or damaged, please apply for a new one with your valid certificate at the concierge on the first floor(adminstratine fee RMB100 will be charged).